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In The Movies (Song)
Posted: 2 Jul 2016
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In The Movies (Song)

In The Movies – by Jethal
Sung to Village People’s “In the Navy”

During recording of the latest episode of The Monster Club, We got talking about something but, it was “In the world of Movies”… so, I just started singing “In the Movies…” and just had to write this down.. well, I recorded it, Enjoy!

When I want adventure
I have a guilty pleasure
Stories projected on the screen
Not any random story, romance always bores me
I want to hear blood curdling screams

Classic Black and Whites
Help get me through the night
A cemetary and a bell that tolls
He needs a corpse that’s fresh
He’s reanimating flesh
And he’s gonna steal our souls

In the Movies – the blood is always bright red
In the Movies – You can come back from the dead
In the Movies – You can have a chainsaw hand

In the Movies – In the Movies

In the Movies – A creepy Cabin in the Woods
In the Movies – Monsters in your neighborhood
In the Movies – A battle between evil and good

In the Movies – In the Movies

Grab your tub of Popcorn
Watch has limbs go air-borne
There’s a killer on the scene
Huddle up your friends
They wont make it to the end
Especially if they had sex on screen

In the Movies – A Scientist with a plan
In the Movies – To help his fellow man
In the Movies – It’s gonna blow up in his face

In the Movies – The *Black guy’s gonna die
In the Movies – Most likely shot through the eye
In the Movies – But he’ll have the best lines

* The Black Guy horror movie trope is an old one – I don’t add it to be racist, it’s ridiculous really, but the black guy always dies, and he’s usually the first to go