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10 Reasons to See a Movie Alone
Posted: 5 Jul 2015
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10 Reasons to See a Movie Alone

Let’s face it, seeing a movie in an empty theater rules. It’s not great for the Cinema’s bottom dollar, but if they’re showing Matinee’s on tuesdays, you may as well take advantage of it. So, what are the justifications for sitting by yourself, when we’ve been programmed that Movies are a Social gathering?

  1. Money.
    • Let’s face it, the last time I went to a theater, the tickets where $9.50 each, for Matinee. Concession stand costs can be $30 for 2 people, and that’s just for Soda and Popcorn. Put that all together, and your night at the movies can set you back $50 minimum. More, if you have kids.
  2. Sit wherever you want.
    • Back row, font row, dead center.. find the seat that’s right for you. If you’re seeing a movie in 3D, dead center is the best place to be, and is usually taken quickly.
  3. Eat whatever you want.
    • There will be no one to judge you. Chow down on a large popcorn all by yourself.. down that over priced hot dog, loaded with relish, mustard and ketchup. Who’s going to tell your wife? The cashier? She doesn’t care what you’re doing.
  4. No distractions.
    • Do you know what I hate? Babies in movie theaters.
  5. Be yourself.
    • OK, let’s face facts. That Pixar movie is going to make you cry, at least once. In a darkened theater, all alone.. No one can hear you cry like a 10 year old girl.