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Dear Hollywood…
Posted: 1 Mar 2016
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Dear Hollywood…

An open letter to movie makers in Hollywood.

We live in a time nostalgic for the past. We get that. Let’s face it, the 80’s had some huge hits. Hits that you can’t seem to come close to (when adjusted for inflation). To try to counter this, you’ve decided to try and remake every movie you could get your hands on. Why? Probably because you’re out of ideas, or just want to cash in on popular titles.

I love movies.

I grew up going to the theater almost every week. And when I couldn’t do that, the TV helped. But, for all my love of what has come before, I have lost faith in American cinema. There are no original stories. Only rehashed films, reboots, remakes and all of them seem to be filled to the brim with really bad CGI effects. (BTW.. hyper-detailed, doesnt equal good).

So, what’s a movie nut like me to do? I’ve found a new love in cinema.. in independent and foreign films. Because they dare to be different, they risk originality and practical effects. I would rather spend $14.99 on an independent film’s DVD, rather than $10 for your CGI reboot of whatever 80’s film you’ve decided to destroy this week.

Over paid actors, massive budgets and ridiculous practices has seen local cinema’s close their doors, or sell to large franchises like Regal and AMC, and force them to charge $15 for a tub of popcorn that only cost 50 cents.. it’s due to distribution companies that demand box office percentages that kill profits.

You’re killing my love of the theater experience.

I now have to consider some things when I want to see a movie.

  • Will I be entertained? Maybe
  • Will I be glad I spent the money? Probably not
  • Am I, by seeing this movie in the theater, promoting every wrong with today’s Hollywood? Yes, more than likely.

Dear Hollywood.

I hate you so fucking much.

Signed, Matt – Cinema Unrest