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I had a dream..
Posted: 1 Aug 2015
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I had a dream..

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Since I was a kid, I had a dream of owning a small theater, that would only play Horror movies. Recently, I started imagining what it would look like, IF I WON THE LOTTERY

The Location:

  • Secluded, preferably off an unkempt field of tall grass, wheat or corn

The Building:

  • On the outside, the building would be specifically designed to appear to be an old, dilapidated barn.. old graying wood, broken windows.. of course, this would be a facade overlaying a safe and sound building.
  • The main door would be a slider on a motorized track.
  • The interior.. more of the old, rustic appearance. A classic concession stand, stocked with CLASSIC movie candy and yummy popcorn.
    • M&M’s, Juicyfruit, Snocaps, Dots, Milk Duds, Raisinets, etc..
  • Theater itself would be modern, digital projector, air conditioned, seating very comfortable, handicap accessible.


  • While maintaining complete safety standards, a thin layer of mist/fog.
  • Strobe lights and audio system for simulated lightning/thunder.
  • Possibly.. sprinkler system on the roof for simulated rain as you approach the building.. but that may cause problems.
  • I would LOVE to show “Gimmick” films, like The Tingler


  • If you don’t like fun and horror, you need not apply.
  • Hire from a local school drama class? People who really like performing.
  • Costume and makeup to bring the classic theater experience to life.. or unlife.. Could also costume up for the theme of the featured movie.

The Experience:

  • Ticket booth & Concessions open 1 hour before the show.
  • Ticket booth & Concessions close half hour before the show. (take your seats!)
    • Free drink and Popcorn refills.. self service, with a cast member present to monitor stock levels and safety.
    • There is no entry after this point.
  • An air raid siren announces the 15 Minute warning before the show – Lights dim/go red (like Silent Hill).
    • Dimly lit, but designed for guest safety.
  • During the 15 minute warning, Classic Horror Movie trailers play, upcoming features, etc.
  • 1 Minute before Showtime
    • Lights abruptly cut
      • Except for running lights along the exit path
    • Doors slam shut (loudly)
      • By our cast, because it’s scarier.
    • “Welcome to Cinema Unrest / Cinema Policies” Video plays.
  • Feature Presentation starts On Time.
  • Lights come back up after the feature is over
    • In cases of movies that have a “short” during the credits, lights remain dimmed.
  • Guests have the choice of leaving the theater via exit doors toward the front of the room
    • OR.. stay for the 2nd show, which is a B-Movie (I like bad horror movies)
    • Local film makers (non-pros) may feature their movies with permission
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show every Friday Night at Midnight.

Best thing is…

  • Your evening costs you $25 per person. Period.
  • Pay at the ticket booth
    • Admission
    • Unlimited Popcorn Refills
    • Unlimited Soda Refills
    • 1 Box of Concession Candy of your choice
      • Extras available for sale
  • Pick up your candy, soda cup, and popcorn bucket at the concession stand.
  • Soda Fountain and Popcorn bin (and restrooms) are located between concessions and the theater..
    • Fill your drink, fill your popcorn, proceed to theater.
    • When the air raid siren sounds, the Concession/lobby closes. The refill stations are open.
  • I have spent more than $25 at the movies, easily. In fact, I usually plan on $65 for myself and my wife..