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The Apple
Run Time: 1h 30m
Released: 1980
Reviewed: 21 May 2016
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Category: Reviews, Musical, Sci-Fi
The Apple

Year: 1980
Directed By: Menahem Golan

In the distant future of 1994.. A world evolves where Disco didn’t die out, and shoulder pads, err.. Music industry “BIM” rule the world. Conforming to BIM’s ideals is not only the “in” thing to do.. it’s the law. You will wear their brand, display their mark, and what ever you’re doing at 4pm needs to stop for the “BIM Fitness Hour” – that includes surgery and fighting fires, everything halts.. and everyone, everywhere, has to dance. Yes!

At the head of, Entertainment Superpower “BIM” is a man named Boogalow (the “B” in BIM), and he has his sights on a new, upcoming star named BIBI – but not so much on her boyfriend, Alpha.. When Boogalow tempts BIBI with the Apple of fame, will she succumb to the trap? or will Alpha bring her to her scenes in time.. Watch and find out!!

NO, wait.. don’t watch it.. Alpha DOES rescue her, and joins a hippy commune! As Mr Boogalow’s forces close in, the day seems lost.. but then.. God shows up and leads all the hippies to heaven. The End! I’m not kidding. It ends that abruptly.

This was a horrible, horrible movie. Boo’d out of the theater on its debut in Montreal, This movie (using the term losely) is, if you can believe it.. an anagram of a fight between good and evil. Mr Boogalow is clearly the devil, seducing BIBI (beta? eve?) with forbidden fruit.. and poor Alpha (adam?) does his best to save her. Mr Topps is the “God” character.. he’s not mentioned, or even hinted at, until the very end. Then he shows up.. leads the hippies to heaven. and Leaves. Yeah.

This one will always go down in history as the movie that makes Xanadu look good by comparison.