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ID4: Resurgence Trailer Thoughts
Posted: 23 Apr 2016
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ID4: Resurgence Trailer Thoughts

So, yesterday, 20th Century Fox dropped a new trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence – before I make any comments, here’s the trailer.

So as we start, we see that in the wake of the 1996 invasion, we took and adapted technology from the Alien wreckage, and used it to make our military a force to be reckoned with, that’s good! And from the looks of it (at 40 seconds) these new aircraft are space-worthy, pretty badass.

Capt Hiller is dead.. We knew this from interviews with Will Smith. He was lost in a test flight of the new alien-tech jet fighters. Looks like his step-son survived and is now in the military.

President Whitmore is alive, and sporting a beard.

We have Aliens in holding cells (at 1 minute in) – considering that they were telepathic, that may not be a good thing.. and Dr Okun looks concerned..

GIANT SPACESHIPS that make the ones from 1996 look like a Mini Cooper.. oh, this cant be good. They are so large that they generate their own gravity.. definitely not good.

At 1:20 – “They’ve touched down over the Atlantic (ocean) – Which part? – ALL OF IT”

Hold it right there! OK, if their ship or fleet is taking up an area the size of the Atlantic ocean, we’re screwed. This is a hopeless situation.

Let’s look at this.. a craft (or fleet, they dont specify) the size of the Atlantic Ocean?

It only took an asteroid 4km wide to cause the last great extinction on this planet (KT Meteor) that is far smaller than the atlantic ocean. All the aliens would have to do is.. LAND to kill us all. Hell, with a ship that size, and generating its own gravity.. they could pull the moon out of orbit and kills us that way too!

I understand they want to go Bigger, Better, More Danger! but, at the same time there is a huge suspension of disbelief here. It’d be like a swarm of army ants going up against an elephant, there’s just no way to win this scenario.

I’m predicting, based on this trailer

  1. A Great Sci-Action movie, that’s for sure.
  2. Some great acting.. I mean, look at the cast.
  3. A story line that I’ll have to turn my brain off for.

Will I see it in the theaters? You Freakin Bet I Will!! With the tech complainingn I just did, I have no doubt that this will be an awesome action movie.