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Star Wars Trailer Hype
Posted: 18 Apr 2015
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Star Wars Trailer Hype

So, I’ve been asked: “What do you think about the new Star Wars Trailer”

It looks nice and all.. but, I was there.. I was there when the Prequels were released.. I remember the hype, I remember the excitement! I remember JAR.. JAR.. BINKS.. I remember whinny, emo little Anakin.. Disappointment, frustration.. and a growing hatred for George Lucas.

Now, the saving grace of these new Star Wars movies, is that good old George (my shit dont stink) Lucas, has NOTHING to do with them. Good. This may be a start in the right direction.

As for the trailer.. let’s take a look. (Click the poster to the left)

  • A desert.. a downed X-Wing.. a downed Star Destroyer.. OK, that’s a good start..
  • The voice of Luke Skywalker, paraphrasing the “Force is strong in my family” speech from “Return of the Jedi”.. still good
  • Lots of imagery with fighting and Jedi stuff.. still good.
  • Han Solo and the Wookie? Hey, there we go.

All and all this looks promising.. but they’re not showing much.. and THAT’S A GOOD THING. A lot of trailers, lately, are showing way too much.

For everyone going “OMG it’s Han and Chewie!!” yeah.. we knew they were gonna be in this thing, stop pooping yourself, ok? I’m not going apeshit crazy over these new movies.. as I stated, I’ve been burned before and I dont want to go in with high expectations.

But, I’m looking forward to this one, and will definitely see it on the largest screen available to me. Really hoping the RPX theater, nearby, will be showing it.