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Why the GB2k16 Hate?
Posted: 18 May 2016
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Why the GB2k16 Hate?

As many of you know, the first Ghostbusters (2016) trailer quickly became the most hated (thumbs down) video in YouTube history. There’s a reason for that, and it’s not what everyone is shouting about.

Believe it or not.. It’s not about sexism.

Here’s my take on why everyone seems to be hating on this movie trailer.

  1. Ghostbusters (1984) is one of the most beloved comedies of all time.
  2. Over saturation of remakes, reboots and reimaginings of classic movies, in the last 5+ years.
  3. The trailer sucked.

#1) Why a reboot? Why not make the heavily desired Ghostbusters 3? Why are you completely rebooting the series and giving the original movie the heave hoe? That’s what a reboot is, BTW.. they are making a movie that negates the original. A much better idea would have been to continue the story with a new group of Ghostbusters. Are they Egons or Rays grandchildren? Perhaps just a new generation being trained to take over? That would have been far more accepted, as a concept.

#2) Reboot after reboot have been punched down our throats in the last 5+ years.. and I’m not talking about Batman, or James Bond.. those movies have been going on with new actors for a long time.. but they weren’t rebooted, they were sequels, or continuations of the franchise. What Ghostbusters (2016) does, is wipe the slate clean and start from scratch, as if the original movie never happened. Completely disrespecting one of the most highly praised comedies in history.

#3) This was a horrible trailer. The direction, the cuts, the scenes, everything about it was over the top and honestly, not funny. First off, you had the gall to mention the original movie. And then continue as if it didn’t happen.. you’re confusing the audience. The ghosts are very unrealistic, obviously cgi, in bright neon colors.. where the original movie was very realistic in its design. Then you went with the cheapest form of Slap-Stick humor.. actual slapping.

Let’s take a look at the subtle racism. You’d think that in 2016 you’d at least try to be progressive.. but no. Here we have 3 white women, who are very smart.. and a sassy, idiotic, black woman, who only joins up because “She knows New York” – what the fuck kind of resume is that?

Scientists: “Why should we hire you?” – Black Character “Because I know New York” – YOU’RE HIRED!

Give me a damned break. Why couldn’t she be a scientist too? Or hell, if you wanna get really progressive.. how about 1 white girl, 1 asian girl, 1 black girl.. then joined by someone else, hell I dont know.. an eskimo? Shit, that would have been funny at least.

And I’m ok with them being all women, too. It’s not promoting gender equality, but I’m ok with it.

And let’s talk about the amount of story being revealed in the 2nd trailer (which was released this week) – oh gee.. EVERYTHING?? You’ve now revealed all of the plot points, shown me that it’s a massive CGI fest with unrealistic effects, cheap gags, and disrespects one of the greatest comedies of all time.

Oh, but Jethal, the original cast are making cameos.. they must be OK with it! Who gives a shit? Look, they’re actors.. they’re in it for the paycheck. I do not doubt that Dan Akroyd has emotions tied up in to this and wants it to succeed. But, I just don’t think it can.

I will watch the movie when its released. I will review it. I could be wrong! This could be a good thing! I hope it is. Time will tell.