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Welcome to Cinema Unrest
Posted: 23 Apr 2015
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Welcome to Cinema Unrest

About me:

I’m a huge fan of movies.. especially Horror, Sci-Fi and (smart) Comedy. (BTW – Have almost 900 movies in my collection, and I will review each, eventually)

My Aunt Peggy got me started in my love of movies, and the need to have a collection and the compulsion to document that collection. She had a massive collection of VHS Tapes and binders filled with reviews and lists. Hey, she had HBO and two VCRs.. that woman recorded EVERYTHING. Like me, I’m sure she had lots of stuff that she never even viewed, herself.

But, it was WLVI56 in Boston, and the “Creature Double Feature”, in the 70’s and 80’s which got my blood pumping in the world of horror and sci-fi. The first horror I can remember watching is the 1973 Classic “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” (Recently remade by  Guillermo del Toro).

Pet Peves:

I have a few peves, that’ll make a movie’s score go down..

  1. Jump Scares
    • The technique, typically used in horror films and video games, of having something occur suddenly and without warning to frighten the audience. I don’t hate them because I don’t like being scared.. They don’t scare me.. At All. I can’t remember the last time I got “Jumped” in a theater. It’s cheap. When I see a jump scare, it tells me that the director (or screenwriter) couldn’t even think of a way to make this scene frightening. It’s bullshit.
  2. The “Not without my daughter” sub-plot.
    • This breaks down into a couple sub categories.
      • You are humanities last hope.. You can do it, you can do it easily.. BUT.. you’re daughter has a baseball game that you cant miss, so fuck everyone else.
      • The Child is Evil.. EVIL!! And will bring about the end of the world, unless you kill it!  Oh, but it’s ONLY A CHILD!! (every one dies because you couldn’t do what’s needed)
    • Yeah, I get it.. The children are our future, blah blah blah.. but when it comes down to it, difficult choices have to be made. Swing that sledgehammer and let’s get on with our lives.
    • This also goes for Boy/Girlfriend, Husband/Wife, etc.. Save the world or get the fuck out of my way.
  3. Over-saturation
    • Have you noticed that Johnny Depp seemed to be in every movie lately? Yeah, fuck Johnny Deep. I get it, I really do.. he IS a good actor, but for fuck sake, let someone else have a career, eh?
    • Pilots and “Teasers” that come out WAAAAAAY too soon. Droning on and on about a movie for 6 months.. a year? or MORE? By the time the movie actually comes out in theaters, there’s not a chance in hell of it living up to the hype.. and personally, I don’t care anymore.
  4. So called “Teasers” and “Leaks”
    • No such thing. There used to be occasional instances of some asshole in the production department leaking footage, or photos.. but when Every production has “leaked footage”.. it’s not leaked, the studios are just using social media to hype the movie, and perhaps get feedback during the production.. sort of a “hey, how does this look”, under the guise of “oh no, it got out.. i dont know how that happened!”. Just stop it.
  5. 3D.. just stop it.
    • It was a fad in the 70’s and 80’s, and just started up again with movies like Avatar leading the charge.. look, it’s a fad. It won’t last. Hell, it HASNT lasted.. for a while, every movie in the late 2000’s was coming out in 3d.. then, someone decided, ya know.  it’s not working.. now fewer movies are, and i’m sure it’ll be gone by 2020.
  6. Stupid Comedy
    • I hate “Buddy Movies”. Will Farrell was good in SNL, but I hate most of his movies.. he’s just stupid. Adam Sandler is another one. How many times can you be the emotionally dopey guy who has random outbursts? It’s not funny.
    • Putting people in implausible circumstances.. Hey, you’re a no-nonsense cop with 2o years on the force.. here’s your new partner, a Chihuahua named Hector..

So.. why “Cinema Unrest”?

First of all, I am a fan of Cinema. But, I have been feeling.. shall we say.. restless.. with the recent turn out of reboots, re-imaginings and mindless crap that Hollywood has been churning out in the last few years, and I want to convey my “Unrest” with this situation.

Secondly, those who already know me, know that I am a big fan of the “EverQuest” Franchise of MMO Games.. and one of the more memorable zones is the “Estate of Unrest” – so there’s that reference.

Here at Cinema Unrest, there will be NO ADS. I do this for my love of Movies, not for profit.

I don’t expect to become the next “IMDB” or “RottenTomatoes” – this is simply a place for me to rate movies that I’ve seen, and share what I consider to be exciting movie news. You will probably not see any reviews for “Chick Flix” here. Sorry, ladies.

If you’d like to have me review a movie, let me know through Facebook!